November 13, 2018
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Exercise of the Spirit - Pull In

In keeping with the laws of motion (and of physics), when we pull in new ideas, we keep the balance by cycling out old notions, as well. During your day, your mind notices and records thousands of things. Probably 90% of what exists goes unrecorded in your conscious mind. Your perception, glorious and unique, takes in just about everything, but your mind can’t possibly process it all. We can only take in and assimilate a small amount of “what is.” When we pull into our spirituality the blessings we see, we replace the cloudy day with feelings of gratitude. The cloudy day still exists, we merely shift the negative focus to a benign “given” in our world. The very exercise of inviting – or pulling in - positive things in our world allows for a strengthening of our awareness and recognition of the beautiful world around us. Our earthly minds handle only a small percentage of what we pull in, why not make it good?
Source: Exercise of the Spirit

New-thought philosophy purposefully
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    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Many Firsts

Make today a "first" in your life for something special. The first time you notice something about yourself, others, or the world around you. The first time you encourage yourself to move forward or reward yourself for progress. It may be the first time you've declined an offer of chocolate or the first time you tasted squid. But the renewal of your experience through a series of "firsts" enriches our lives and brings joy and a positive outlook on the day. Enjoy your "firsts" today!


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