December 04, 2023
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Full Tummy

At 12 years old, my Doberman Winston enjoyed a full life. Winston never experienced a "bad day" or mistreatment from his family and friends and he'd never been sick. All in all, Winston lived a charmed life. Gently carrying his rubber ducky around the house, Winston sighed when he settled down on the pillow next to me in my office. After turning around a few times before the down pillow's fluff suited him, Winston – and his duck – enjoyed their respite from the rigors of guarding the house.

He looked up at me with winsome eyes as if to say, "Life's pretty good. I got a full tummy, an empty bladder and a nice warm bed. That just about sums it up."

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    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Standing on the Edge - Passion

Life moves us. We feel life from the wind in our hair, the sand between our toes and the sun on our face. Passion for life, for another, for the Spirit makes life worthwhile. A life devoid of passion stagnates and produces little fulfillment. A zeal for living each day to the fullest propelled by passion and fascination makes for not only a colorful obituary, but a well-lived life. Standing on the edge of passion we dare to admit that certain things or people move us, compel us, or inspire us. What is it about a person, a hobby, or belief that shifts us from passing interest to a stimulating gotta-have-it necessity? Passion cannot be willed upon you, it rises up from your soul and cannot be contained. The object of your passion cannot be mere preference or a casual notion, your passion originates from a leap into the arms of life which quenches your soul.



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