August 22, 2017
     Words of Mind
From the Spirit Journal


If everything in our lives is an illusion, there is nothing to fear and nothing to expect. The breadth of what you observe and experience is open to interpretation, larger than life itself. You can choose to watch it in widescreen or peek through the fingers of your own limitations. But whatever you do, know that the movie of your life is just a projection of dots onto a screen that you, yourself created. I still watch scary movies, and life comes at me in full color and effect, but I remember the illusion and know that there's really nothing to fear at all.

New-thought philosophy purposefully
exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
sprinkled with a little history and words of wisdom.
    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Breaking tradition

Franz Liszt (1811-1886) broke through performance conventions of thousands of years and in 1840, first used the term "recital" in a piano-only concert. Liszt also earned recognition as the first solo pianist to play entire programs from memory as well as to reposition the instrument to right angles to the platform, with open lid, to reflect sound across the auditorium.

Today, break with tradition and dare to set your own precedent.



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