March 19, 2019
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Birthday Suit

We're born as perfect beings into a beautiful world designed to provide us with all the experiences necessary to spiritually progress. Starting life in complete surrender, our birthday suit reminds us that our nature as limitless, pure potential beings waits before us as we comprehend no rules nor give credence to outer expectations. As infants we start with nothing between us and the world, just as we end our life. The suit we choose to wear in the time between birth and death, displays the designs we selected to blend in with the life we agreed to. Since our birth represents a blank slate much like the tailor's muslin prototype of a new style, our spiritual suit supports our journey on earth and declares to the Universe, the life we wish to experience.
Spiritual Power Suit

New-thought philosophy purposefully
exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
sprinkled with a little history and words of wisdom.
    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Getting Ahead

The key to moving forward in life, lies not in luck or the external world. Create what you want and who you are in your consciousness first and the path to achieving it will roll out ahead of you.


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