Spirit speaks to each of us whether or not we choose to hear it.
I've chosen to listen from a very young age and do my best to use what I learn to help others live a more fulfilling life.

The messages may be "spot-on" or a little cryptic or even a bit quirky, but more often than not, provide meaningful insight with some surprising outcomes! Here are the various readings I offer:

Honest Girlfriend

When you can't put your finger on a solution to a problem and need a neutral third party to give guidance, the Honest Girlfriend reading is for you! Men and women benefit from this type of intuitive and frank insight when the answers are clouded by emotion, doubt, anxiety, etc.
45 minute sessions.

Automatic Writing

Connecting with protective spirits and guides, the Automatic Writing session provides a take-away which may reveal more than you ever thought possible. Keep in mind when I ask for the "highest and best" message for you, it may not necessarily be what you want to hear! However, as you review the message over and over, you'll see how everything fits into place as the future unfolds.