Pimp my Spiritual Ride

September 23, 2006

It's 2006. One of my favorite escapism television shows is "Pimp My Ride" broadcast on MTV. Here, a well-known rap music artist hosts a show with an apprently endless budget and takes clunker vehicles from people and transforms them into absurd rolling examples of extremism. Using the latest in technology and artistry, the crew installs everything from television or computer monitors which emerge from the headliner into eardrum shattering sound systems powered by the latest remote computer driven gadgets to snake pits and lounge furniture in the back seat. It's a fantastic evolution accomplished in less than 30 minutes on air.

What would my personal vehicle (my earthly body) look like with access to unlimited resources, unlimited energy and boundless imagination? In what ways could my spiritual body transform beyond my wildest imagination?

As I journey around in this vehicle to see the world, I'm thankful for many things. I see this earthly body as a way to experience life, a mode of transportation for my soul, a refuge for my heart to hide in from time to time. I love and respect that my appearance in flesh brings me from here to there and allows me to form relationships with life. I understand that this body temporarily provides the purpose of my soul and it's turn around the planet. This body exemplifies how I chose to show up this time. Nothing more, nothing less. This body provides my soul with exactly what it needs to experience the lessons necessary to move forward on other planes of existence. So, I treat this vehicle with respect and reverence and provide myself with the best possible corporeal existence to live a life that offers me every opportunity to develop my powerful self.

Spiritually, I grow at a healthy, consistent pace, in keeping with my preparedness for development and my eagerness to move forward. Nice, even momentum on a comfortable path to the ever-elusive enlightenment, the depth of my connection with the Infinite keeps me stable and balanced in spite of roads riddled with potholes and washboard ridges. In this stage, I remain content with the status quo, growing like a snug low-risk mutual fund in a volatile spiritual stock market. Greater growth and change emerge when the opportunities reveal themselves. It's not until challenges appear in my clunker-consciousness and demand attention, that I notice enhancements waiting to intersect my world.

Carefully, I reach into the realm of spiritual Auto-Cad to design a new reality for myself. Not really knowing the final design or even visualizing the prototype of my new awareness, I use my Creator's drawing board to carefully plan out a new streamline of possibilities for my life. I reach for the stars and create a sunroof to let in more of my environment while keeping me safe from the effects. I engineer endless mental horsepower to race forward into the unknown. I create an cavernous trunk and storage compartments for all the good I yearn to receive. I wrap myself with bright, gleaming bumpers to lovingly deflect negativity. I blend warm interior colors with soft cushiony upholstery that soothes and ensconces me while I journey down my spiritual path.

Beneath this chrome exterior lies the framework of my truth. While I may create a new and shiny and super-charged vehicle, the matching serial numbers of my soul remain. Despite my best efforts to reinvent the wheel of my self, the strong basis of the chassis of my existence propels me forward in spite of my external enhancements.

So, does this mean all our efforts to expand our consciousness are doomed to fail? Is all we have left who we already are? I want to reach beyond the mere distributor of life into a fully Spirit-injected combustion of energy and light. When I put myself in neutral and stabilize the revelations-per-moment (RPM) I truly grow from a horseless carriage to a NASCAR giant in the cosmic sense!

May the road always curve in your direction and may your vehicle absorb all of life's potholes. And know, no matter how much you've "pimped" your consciousness to experience a hemi ride, it all hinges on internal combustion. The little spark of you!


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