Water & Love

February 17, 2006

The ancient Greek philosopher Thales espoused the fundamental nature of the physical world reduced down to one thing - water. Later thinkers would broaden their concepts of elements to include fire, earth and air. Modern medical folks may argue that DNA makes up the basics of life. Maslow's hierarchy of needs demonstrates that more than physical necessities and comforts satisfy us and ultimately the highest necessity is self-actualization. Saint Exupéry in Le Petit Prince offers, "The thing that is important is the thing that is not seen." The poets penned love as the foundation of all life. The Biblical verse in Corinthians states "..without love I am nothing. " What, then, satisfies our earthly experience? What is the "water " both literal and figurative, which nourishes our bodies and souls?

Water - a necessary component of all living things. Such a simple chemical formula, yet so essential to our well-being and sustenance. Without it, we die within a few days. Without water plants shrivel and perish and our ground cracks and turns barren. The earth is comprised of mostly water yet there are those without fresh water to drink. Water, like love, abounds on our planet. Both give us life and sustain us on our journeys. While we've developed a means to create potable water from various sources, love eludes us. Water and love come to us simply and freely; both demonstrate power through time and persistence, yet when our thirst for either is quenched, we don't notice them. We only notice the lack of water or love in our lives. Two simple yet integral components cause internal turmoil when absent, yet they need only be acknowledged for they exist where you seek.

We've looked everywhere for water over the years. The Dowsing Rod, a mysterious tool, made it's debut centuries ago in man's search for water or minerals. Nothing more than a forked twig, the "rod " claimed to move when held over ground in which water, metal etc. existed. Can a similar device produce results for love? Sometimes hidden deep beneath the surface of what we see, love may need extraction from layers of time and experience, much like gold or other minerals to reach the surface and shine forth. When our hearts tremble with delight in the company of a potential love - is that tantamount to the dowsing rod in indicating a potential ocean of amor?

Some of the strongest chemical bonds known exist in common table salt and table sugar. These bonds hold together tightly and remain almost indestructible by any known force attempting to break them apart. They resemble our habits of salty and sweet approaches to life. Salt and sugar represent extremes of our personalities which often drive our taste for life and our experiences every day. These two compounds, strong and stable, easily dissolve with the introduction of the simplest and most basic of natural occurrences - water. Perhaps also the stubbornness of salt and sugar in our personalities will dissolve with the introduction of the purest of all emotion - love.

One need only to turn to the great stories of the world to see how love overcomes adversity, enhances our lives and endures for eternity. The haunting tragedy of Abelard and Heloise, the ill-fated love of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra; Petrarch and Laura, Dante and Beatrice all found love despite societies limitations and all kept love alive in the face of personal drought.

As Thales believed water to make up all things visible and invisible, perhaps love comprises the very basics of our intellectual, and certainly spiritual lives. Definitely other emotions come into play in our lives, however at its very core, love propels us and sees us through the gamut of feelings we exhibit. The "Course in Miracles " teaches that all actions either express or request love. When we view our lives through that magnifying glass, then perhaps love equals the "water " of our lives.

When someone offers or expresses love, acknowledge it. When you see a water fountain or a clear stream, take a drink. Stop. Notice and recognize that the very basics of what you need appear if you only take a moment to pay attention.

May you swim in an ocean of love and may the tides of life move you to a greater experience of self-actualization!


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