Do You Mind?

February 26, 2006

Sometimes we go through life fully aware of all the nuances in our daily lives. Other days we're lucky our shoes get tied correctly. We encounter multi-dimensional input from numerous sources and attempt to filter it down to our own understanding. Concepts of parallel meaning remain difficult, if not frightening, to grasp. Can life really weave such an intricate web? Or perhaps it's all very simple. So simple in fact, we marvel, "is that it?"

The Observant mind
Some enlightened folks notice everything. Not just about the general noise and confusion, but they catch subtle inter-relationships between people and within personalities. To them, much more goes on than what meets the eye. They search for meaning behind words and actions and assess development based on their observations. Constantly active, these incredible minds function on a different level than most folks. Life is a full and glorious puzzle to solve and the enlightened mind thrives on the meaning of our existence.

The Synchronous mind
Minds that sparkle from insight bring joy to others' lives. These folks make us laugh at the ironies of everyday living. They notice occurrences in life that rub up against one another and cause either friction or fusion. Never dull, these active minds bring to light new ways of thinking and enjoyment of the moment. Not the deeper, provoking level of thought shown by the observant mind, these folks notice a lot but enjoy the complexities of life in a more light-hearted manner. All jokes aside, how does life rub off on you?

The Peaceful mind
Serenity breeds contentment in the hearts of a calm thinker. Almost matter-of-fact in their thought patterns, these wonderful folks don't worry about complexities, they remain confident in life's flow and pattern. Not bothered by the hidden tunnels of life smoldering beneath the surface of what is apparent, the flexible mind grasps - not clutches - all the tools it requires to move forward. We view these folks as spiritual or trusting and life always works out for them.

The Cynical mind
Comedy at the expense of happiness best describes these folks. Always relating a "they done me wrong" scenario, these harbingers of negativity infect us with their clouded view of the world. Wondering if anything, anywhere, any time pleases them, these folks cannot rest in satisfaction that life is a glorious gift. Never noticing the good things around them, or acknowledging the things that went right, these folks quickly overstay their welcome and our psyches get tired. I suspect they, too, are tired. It's not easy twisting everything into a Rorshach melodrama!

The Gifted Mind
Too much information! Whether or not a child prodigy, these folks excel at fact-gathering and learning. Sometimes they experience difficulty in social settings because their minds move at lightning speed and they get bored with their friends. Some of these folks have limited expertise and specialize in one area such as chess or mathematics or music. Others are the jack-of-all-trades type who move from one strength to another with ease and as a defense to stagnation. These types of minds may have additional neural pathways to handle the heavy traffic of knowledge, but that's for the gifted among us to discover.

The Devious mind
It's true. Not everyone out there in the jungles of society harbors good intentions. Call it an illness or survival technique, these folks thrive on inflicting harm - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. They'll strike out before life bites them. Defensive thinking? Perhaps. Feel sorry for these folks trapped in the nadir of thought, yet watch your back!

The Plodding Mind
Some folks resign themselves to repetition in order to achieve success. While this may indeed work for many, most of us see these people as stuck-in-a-rut. Day in and day out, identical routines and even conversations repeat either due to complacency or the comfort zone. Eventually the plodders among us reap the rewards of persistence, not for blazing a new path, rather for wearing down the old one. "Slow and steady wins the race" for these folks and not much can deter or distract them from their patterns. For the most part, this mind finds comfort and happiness through predictability.

The Charging Mind
Whoa! Look out, this mind runs circles around you. People like this bore through the mountains of life, focused on one outcome at a time. Passionate about their convictions, the charging mind sees everything in life as it relates to the particular goal of the moment. Always moving forward, these folks leave a trail of dust and bruised egos in their wake. Focus? You bet. Aplomb at methodology? Not a chance!

The Innocent Mind
Not to be confused with gullibility, innocence fosters wonder and bemusement. We rarely encounter an innocent mind beyond childhood. Puberty pretty much destroys the rainbow of delight in all things. The innocent expects to experience goodness and may rarely be disappointed. Fascinated with how things fall into place and not bothering to figure out the hows and whys, this type of person appreciates the little things in life as they happen and looks with wonder and joy at all that enters their lives.

Perhaps you relate to one of these types of minds. Maybe you don't. Maybe you identify yourself as an amalgamation of two or more of these ways of thinking. However we interpret thought-processes, minds and personalities are fascinating in variety and approach to life. I'm trying to live my life in the best way I can - do you mind?


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