Half Wit, Half Baked

September 17, 2007

Different generations coined colloquialisms to identify people or ideas as less than average. "Half Baked" ideas often implied concepts not fully thought out and "Half Wit" described sub-normal intelligence or social skills. When we more deeply understand the meaning of these labels, we notice different, more positive possibilities. If we operate at full capacity all the time, room for expansion disappears. While functioning at half of expected norms, this marvelous position offers ample room for growth and spiritual stretch.

Half Wit
We're all too familiar with similar derogatory terms which judge mental capacity. From "not the brightest bulb on the tree" to "not the sharpest knife in the drawer," and even "2 bricks short of a load," to name a few, these funny aphorisms immediately characterize the subject as below par.

Possessing a spiritual half-wit may actually work to your advantage, however. Placed squarely in the middle between unaware and enlightened, the half spiritual wit benefits by possessing the most opportunity for movement. Like the bubble on a carpenter's level, spiritual wit fluctuates in the perspective of balance and understanding. Acuity of insight in the realm of grand design, brings a more open channel for a shift in momentum. Regulating the air space requires its own meter of change within the realm of possibility. If you operate at a full bubble in either direction, you miss out on the very movement which enables your growth and essentially, keeps your off balance. When you recognize your half-wit empowerment, you invite a surrender to the higher power which then blesses you with the freedom of rebirth of consciousness in the form of possibilities.

Half Baked
Like lightning bolts in a brainstorm, ideas reveal both valid and inconsequential concepts. Neither right or wrong, together with spiritual beliefs, half-baked ideas serve as a springboard for discussion. Without entertaining even the most basic concepts, larger, more expansive possibilities fall prey to lack of foundation. The same holds true for cooking up a batch of your own recipe of spirituality. The growth you experience resulting from the yeast of hunger for a finished loaf of life, rises in the convection of your willingness to explore even partial concepts to completeness.

Half a Loaf is better than None
Everyday, life offers us opportunities that we either reject or embrace. Disguised as difficulties or shortcomings, these possibilities shine in the night of despair to lead the way to your destiny. We shrink away from these glorious lessons in life thinking them obstacles or hindrances, all the while subconsciously knowing the foibles which appear in our lives are really fear rising to the top of the boiling stew of our existence. When faced with an "almost good enough" prospect for a solution, we sometimes allow the deceit of our control to deny the opportunity without recognizing the ample precedent for expansion it presents. While "half a loaf" of solution always betters a "full loaf" of complication and difficulty, we must learn to embrace the challenge it addresses as well as the solution it presents, in order to enjoy the very staple of our existence.

The mysterious, qualitative "half," determined by "them" only validates those who believe in giving away their own power of perspective and interpretation. Like a half-full or half-empty glass, both are right. Without half an idea, or even half a wit, we have no blessing at all. So, when life offers you a loaf of observation, or the beacon of an idea, slice the loaf and share it with your fellow diners. Dim wit, quick wit, half wit, at least "wit," your spiritual awareness, still shines forth. Inhale the wonderful aroma of God at work in your life and bless the bread of life – half baked or not!

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