Puddles, Toothpaste and the Deep End

August 21, 2008

There's nothing quite like getting a big spoon, and dipping into the creamy surface of a newly opened jar of peanut butter! Similarly, life opens us up to smooth-surfaced possibilities with delicious experiences contained inside. Often, our fear holds us back from lavishing in all the good things contained beneath the surface. When we finally get the courage to pierce the surface of the illusion of the unknown, truly amazing things come into our lives!

As a child, we ran down the sidewalk almost leap-frogging into every puddle in our path. We giggled with delight as we jumped with determined feet into the center of the still water pool, splashing ourselves and those around us with our glee. Sometimes the most rewarding and muddy splash came when our mother just dressed us in clean, fresh clothes, so we dared to get muddy in the face of her disapproval, and found joy nonetheless.

When we clean up for life, and put our best selves forward to make an impression for others or, naively, for Spirit, life puts puddles in our path. Not an all consuming ocean of doubt or difficultly, the lowly puddle reminds us that life contains a wee bit of mystery and unknown for us to conquer. Life also gives us the chance to experience pleasure in the shattering the still and stoic appearance of our daily masks. So, turn tragedy to comedy as you face the puddles in your life, and get wet in the joy of the moment!

Pop-psychology suggests that your personality reveals itself through many idiosyncratic indicators. Placing meaning on which way you attach a roll of paper towels or bathroom tissue to the dispenser, provides superficial conversation at parties and opens the door for self doubt, or perhaps, insight. When more attention and value to these small behaviors begin to define who we are, we lose sight of our connection with Spirit because we no longer see our divinity.

So, do you squeeze the toothpaste from the end or in the middle? Our self-talk, coaxed by the scrutiny of others, makes us aware of our dental hygiene habits and imposes meaning on our otherwise mindless behavior. Like a fresh new tube of toothpaste, when we freely grab life in the fullest, and plumpest of possibility without hesitation, we find a refreshing burst of cleansing freedom. Grab the best life offers you, and get the most out of it by releasing your limitations of past behavior and habits.

The Deep End
Often considered problematic, finding oneself in the "deep end" of life establishes your attitude around a situation. Consider the Olympic divers for a moment. Their lovely craft of twists and turns can't be executed in a shallow pool. As we proceed through life, we find that only the finest outcomes surface from the deepest challenges. And, like the diver, when we focus our intention on what we're doing instead of the fears surrounding the process, we resurface fully enriched by the entire experience.

While its safer to paddle around in the shallow end of life's murky pool of potential, the true lessons bubble to the top when we dare to dive in with abandon and surrender to the deep end.

Learn to enjoy the puddles on your path and recognize them as gifts from Spirit, instead of obstacles to your goals. When you grab life with two hands and watch as more than you thought possible comes out of the experience, you'll learn to ignore the "rules" others impose on you, and live your own life more fully. And when you dive into the deep end with focus on your being instead of the fears the depths represent, you achieve a sense of inner peace as life wraps itself around you in a warm bath of opportunity.

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