Interview with Remote Healer John Cate

March 20, 2009

Channeled Healing

I recently met with remote healer John Cate. We sat down in Sedona, Arizona, itself a mystical and spiritual location, and I asked John about his gifts and abilities. For quite a while, I wondered how anyone could heal sight-unseen, but realized that most things we take for granted in our lives revolve around things we can't verify or witness first hand. Electricity comes to mind. We can't see it, but we all know it works, and we don’t know how it works, we simply accept that it does. John impressed me with not only his trusted abilities to help others overcome problems and situations in health matters and life matters, but also in his sincerity. He clearly hears and conveys information in a loving way, and if followed by the requestor, the solutions he puts forth are successful. He laughed when he told me, "The disease is the easy thing to cure. It's the patient that’s the hard part!"

What is a healer?
A healer is someone who has the ability to alter frequencies and vibrations on the earth plane to correct all types of situations. Frequencies and vibrations are energy fields in all things, mental and physical. Quantum Physics opens up a world of possibilities. The world is beginning to measure these fields in a scientific manner to prove their existence. It is similar to light and sound produced by frequencies. So, in healing, we change the situation by changing the vibrations and frequency of the situation that is being asked to be changed.

All healers have different abilities. Some work in the present with the person with hands-on, and some work through long-distance without the need of the person being known or present. The source of the healing is the same although the healer may be different.

What do you do?
I receive information from a higher vibrational source to determine which direction is best acceptable for the issue at hand. I sense energy and frequencies received from that loving source which determines a manifestation of the best possible situation for what is being asked to be healed. Types of treatments vary according to the individual person and situation.

How do you work?
My work is done on a one-on-one basis. I also work on a group basis. Most of my work is done remotely, over the phone, using my connection to the loving higher power. I don’t need to see the person requesting a healing in order to help them. Most people can’t comprehend the "remote healing" work, however, Spirit knows no boundaries or distance.

Think of a radio station frequency that travels long-distance. It's invisible, but it's there. And it reaches long distance! The energy I tap in to gets directed out to the person.

How can you help others?
The very fact that someone asks me for help is the first step. A person sends out his own frequency for help, and it gets picked up in a higher spiritual realm. It's like a prayer being answered which makes the connection and then a healing and an answer can be given. To engage in the healing, a person may be directed towards taking herbs, specific bodily movements or exercise, acupuncture, etc. Remember that most healing takes place on a spiritual plane rather than a physical level. Actions are instruments to coincide with the production of the healing. Each person's case is unique and each recommended resolution is tailored for that particular person and condition.

Do you have to be present?
Using the word "present" bring up a lot of interpretation! The person needs to be present to their situation and his/her request for healing in mind, heart and spirit. Also, once the healing is given, the person has to be present to allow it to work within his/her life consciousness. Alongside of the traditional healing arts, the remote healing I channel through me, must be allowed by the person to be integrated into his life as a healed truth. I make a point to leave all the possibilities up to the person without demand on my part.

As far as ME being physically present to affect a healing, it is unnecessary for most people. Some people need to be in my presence, however. Again, this is unique to the person and situation. This is a union between Spirit, healer and patient and in most cases does not require a physical interaction.

Are there any limitations to what you can do?
No known limitations to Spirit and what can be done in a loving, positive heartfelt manner. Limitations can appear within the person asking for help which may affect Spirit’s ability to intervene.

All healing works. The energy is sent out to the individual and it if the healing is not accepted at the time, it will continue to reside in his auric field until he is ready to receive a healing. The healing is sitting there, waiting to be accepted.

How can folks contact you? Do you charge?
The best to contact me is through my website: People can also phone me at 928-301-8303. I can set up appointments to speak to them on the phone through either source.

While money is certainly an energy exchange, I don't request any compensation prior to my work being done. My work is handled on a donation basis.

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