Thinning Down in the New Year - Audio, too!

January 01, 2010

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A new calendar year urges us to set new intentions for the coming twelve months. Often playful, sometimes serious, these resolutions allow us to focus on what we hope to accomplish and also allow us an opportunity to ponder the possibilities we map out for ourselves. Faced with a pencil and blank sheet of paper, we look up towards the ceiling as we strive to articulate our dreams, aspirations adventures for the coming year.

One popular goal, appearing for many of us year to year, is to lose weight. We try one diet after another, struggle with exercise programs that get boring after a few weeks, and deny ourselves even infrequent simple indulgences, to lower that number on the ever truth-revealing scale. We believe achieving a lower body weight in our earthly vehicle, raises our value on life’s scale. Our spiritual weight hopefully increases, thereby improving our chances of satisfaction and contentment in all of life. In the divine balance of our consciousness, we learn that by releasing one unit of measurement, we gain in other, more powerful aspects of who we truly are.

Thinly Veiled
Very often, the essence of our humanity hides behind a thin veil we generate to separate us from the world around us. Holding up a translucent shield, just thin enough for us to view life from the inside out, projects the illusion of mystery or secrecy. Somehow, we believe that others can’t see through the armor of a thinly shielded persona, so we allow it to float around us like the dance of scarves as a coy partner with life.

When we examine what we are hiding by holding up a veil, we realize the answers reveal more than the veil disguises. The parts of ourselves we reluctantly divulge to outsiders, hide from clear view, yet cannot muster the courage to openly appear as components of our true self. When we realize that others seem intrigued by the illusions we set forth, we later know we cannot hide from the Infinite, or, more authentically, ourselves.

Thinning Out
Beginnings as with endings, finds us making choices of things we choose to keep in our lives and that which we freely release. From people who no longer empower us, to bad habits, to possessions which will better serve others, we consciously make decisions for our new year by thinning out the herd of our life.

Forgiving, removing and releasing the old worn out patterns of thought and beliefs, taking a stand for yourself in a new beginning speaks loudly your resolution for change. No matter what you choose to discard in your life, it all points to your spiritual center – what you allow – or don’t allow - to exist and affect you in your world. With the cacophony of society rising every year, our culture demands more and more of our attention to both the subtle nuances of life as well as the clanging cymbals (symbols) of reality. While we cannot control what and how much life puts in our path, yet we hold the power to determine how much affects us. By thinning out that which negates our highest and best life experience, we declare to life our focus and intention to live fully within what matters.

Thin skinned
We’re human. We take things personally. We allow the microscopic disturbances of life to permeate our spirit and burrow into our very being. Absorbing the positive and negative components swimming around us, we lack the filters necessary to differentiate between that which empowers us and that which may harm us. Thin skinned may present as gullibility, vulnerability or instability, resulting in an unfortunate adaptation and consumption of energy separate from ourselves.

Differentiating between toughening and thickening the barrier of our spirit to prevent the invasion of foreign negativity, offers a vital challenge throughout our life experience. While our perceptions may bring us a wide range of understanding and acknowledgement about what we choose to admit into our consciousness, thickness (or depth) still provides for an interaction between the world around us and our inner selves. If we toughen our essence, we no longer observe the impact of potential good – or bad – on our lives; we simply construct a defensive barrier to all new ideas, thereby possibly denying the gift of growth in the process. Most importantly, remember that which happens outside of us, need not be incorporated into our spirit.

Whether who you are hiding behind a superficial veil of illusion, or your make conscious choices to simplify your pool of options, or you strive to allow life to impact your spirit, remember a new calendar year presents opportunities for growth and for thinning out your life. Return to the basics of your nature – acknowledge who you are and proudly display your unique qualities! Keep those people, things and attitudes in your life which empower and bolster your journey, and finally, know what to absorb and to repel when the energies around you appear as a challenging opportunity for growth!

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