Hot Wax & Broken Glass

September 15, 2010

Each morning I blow out the candle I lit the night before. A large glass globe sits inside of a metal stand and the candle, either a short or tall pillar, rests inside the base of the globe.
4:30 a.m.
The dogs woke me up.

I reach for my candle, carefully grabbing the metal base with both hands. This time, the tall pillar candle, heavy and lit, hit the side of the globe and toppled the glass off the stand. Chards of glass and hot wax sprayed across the furniture, floor and bed. Now I was really awake! Luckily, the flame went out in the fall. I instructed the dogs to stay away and thankfully no glass penetrated any paws that morning. I crawled across my bed to put on shoes and survey the damage and clean up the mess. While shattered and spilled, the glass and candle provided a poignant metaphor for my spiritual understanding.

Intensity of Purpose
Prior to hard wired electricity, our ancestors used candlelight to illuminate the interior of the home. No matter how large the volume of wax, each candle emitted the same amount of light. The only way to increase the light was to multiply the number of candles or reflect the flame against another object. Some clever people placed sconces on the wall with a mirror or shiny metallic backing thereby increasing the lumen power of the flame.

As equals created at birth, our Creator instilled within each of us, the basis of an internal flame. While some of us never ignite the fire within and choose to remain pure potential, others use their passion to spark the flame of life’s purpose and shine brightly for the world to see. Enhancing and increasing the brightness of being, some folks choose to surround themselves with people and circumstances which provide the opportunity for the highest and best use of their energy, thereby increasing the effectiveness and reach of their essence.

Shattered Effects
A harbinger of negativity, superstitions warned that a broken mirror brought seven years of bad luck. If the poor soul believed in the tale of unpredictable misfortune he not only faced cleaning up the shards of a mirror, but also years of punishment for one small, accidental act. In fact, if the scattered remnants of glass were any indication, the back luck would be just as far reaching and difficult to remedy. Each ensuing scenario of broken vengeance could hold its own degree of breadth of impact and its own complications when attempting to clean up the situation.

In life, we "own" or incorporate shortcomings suggested by history, ill-intentions of others or at worst, our own self-doubt. When we buy into these "truths" we begin to create a future which must live up to the folklore we defend as our fate. Not aware of the far reaches our limitations can spread, we attempt to pick up the pieces of our spirit which shattered at the moment we believed in something against our very nature and not in keeping with our highest self. Unless we carefully clean up life's little messes, the widespread circle of negativity will remain hidden in the crevices of our fears and the corners of our consciousness, only to pierce our confidence when we unknowingly uncover them.

Before Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla engaged in the disagreement of AC vs. DC current for widespread electrical systems, nighttime illumination (other than the cosmos) was difficult. The world during the day varied vastly from an after dark experience. Undoubtedly the source of much folklore, rudimentary lighting by candle or gas lamps caused unrecognizable shadows. Dancing light cast by the slightest air movement most likely fostered tall tales of extra-worldly revelations and fear based illusions.

Before we awaken to our true selves, we too appear different during times of truth and times of illusion. When we deny our talents and powerful nature, we fabricate tales of the unknown and imagine external forces lurking around and within us which frighten us from fully engaging in the present moment. If everything "out there" is an illusion, the truth lies within each of us; our experiences and interactions with the world bring us information and knowledge about ourselves as well as shed light on the limitations we impose out of fear. The truth remains that the world outside of us is the distorted like pieced together broken glass. Wholeness exists within each of us should we choose to look deep within our glorious nature!

While each of us entered into a human experience with a flame within to offer the world, some of us shine brighter not because of genetics, but due to choice. People focus on enhancing their gifts with enlightening people and circumstances which increases awareness and in turn, empowers others. By comprehending the far-reaching impact of negativity you slowly realize that to clean it up involves crawling around in the debris of that which you created in the first place. If you don't address it, find it and sweep it up, it will resurface to impact you later on. The illusions of what you think you see about yourself and the world around you easily dissipate when you shine your own light of insight and understanding on your beliefs. When you realize the wax doesn't make the flame brighter or duller, it merely provides a temporary constraint to contain the inner core (wick) that burns within you, you'll realize the temporary human experience merely holds the bright burning spirit of who you are!

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