Infinity - Life as We Know it

December 25, 2006

When we think about infinity, our minds attempt to grasp a concept society restricts. Here in America and most of the world, our cultures resist the notion of the never-ending, all-encompassing Universe. Sure, astronomers demonstrate the boundless heavens through the use of scientific evidence and technological devices, but with our limited scope of understanding, we find it difficult to conceive of "light years"and billions of miles. Some days I'm lucky I can make it to QuikTrip to get my morning caffeine - don't make me imagine another solar system!

Our daily world, limited by cause and effect, by predictable outcomes, by balance sheets, progress charts and cell phones, charm us into complacency of limited "life as we know it." Frankly, I'm just fine knowing a new star develops a gazillion miles away or some new species of shark appeared for the first time to oceanographers. Just give me my email and I'll call it a day. But what about Infinity? If I discuss it, dare to imagine it, or - shudder the thought - begin to live IN it, what more is there?

When I read the Real Estate ads which describe a property as "loaded with potential," I chuckle to myself. The only way to go is up - the place must be a real dive. Human potential, however need not originate from the nadir - the infinite potential for our lives, our talent our growth - begins wherever we are, at the moment we realize it. The zenith we seek reaches beyond our wildest notions of capability when we shift our limited thoughts to those of infinite possibilities. Most of us die never realizing our full potential and only a fraction of us (also remembered by History) expand beyond our potential into amazing accomplishment.

Often we think of growth from point A to point B. Sometimes, we entertain a point Z, but we protect ourselves from grandiose thinking by allowing only a few steps at a time. What if growth dared to stretch to infinity? Perhaps growth and capability and expansiveness know no limits. Our lives would develop at the proper pace to achieve otherwise inconceivable ends. When we let go and allow ourselves to ponder and visualize "how good can I have it?" then we begin the momentum of the ball bearings of our decisions and propel ourselves forward into infinity. We need not concern ourselves with the process or even plan out every step along the way, we need only imagine our growth toward whatever we desire and let the power of the Universe expand accordingly.

New thought teachings enlighten us with the motto, "Change your thinking, change your life." Our thoughts, the innermost intimate things we possess, elevate us or squash us based on our attitude. We choose our thoughts at every moment - no one else thinks in our heads with us. We control the sentences we put together in our minds and how limited or infinite the concepts develop. We control our memories and together with our reminiscence, we put ourselves in the past and perhaps even alter the reality of our experience. But thoughts are infinite - truly the one invisible tool we use to stretch beyond what we see and what we understand. And if we believe our lives change with a change of thought patterns, then our life-potential is indeed, infinite.

So, how do we live in "Infinity?" A life of unlimited possibility, a life of no-boundaries, a life filled with endless good and abundance appeals to all of us, but eludes most of us. In moments where we observe ourselves in limitation, we notice our diminished state of consciousness and stop the encroachment of negative platitudes. We control little in this world, but we do control our attitudes and our outlook. We can choose to live either in the infinity of everything is possible or the restriction of nothing is possible.

When we allow ourselves to live in infinity, we reap a greater life in possibility and actuality and the world sees your light as a shining example of the expanse of power of choice.

May you choose infinity and experience a deeper involvement with all aspects of the world around you and the world within.


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