Nothing to do with me (Audio)

January 31, 2007

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Lately, I'm enjoying helping a dear friend with a puppy. It seems my "dog" vocabulary is quite extensive and I truly understand the adorable creatures. I demonstrated the technique of flop-ear cleaning to my friend and the little fur-ball puppy expressed his gratefulness by giving me puppy-breath kisses. I realized in this moment, that ear-cleaning, albeit providing a hygienic necessity, reached into the symbolic. The little dachshund enjoyed itch-free ears and received loving attention yet experienced his own awakening, totally free of my involvement. Although I performed the actual task, his relief had nothing to do with me!

In many ways, our involvement or even intervention in someone else's life provides a necessary lesson for them. A mysterious behind-the-scene transformation occurs without our knowledge and whether or not we ever know about how our participation effects that person's life, it isn't meant to impact us. Most of our life jumps from one interaction to another without our knowledge and when we awaken to the possibility that we could be involved, we tend to include ourselves in the circle of affect.

We can choose to go through life as though everything matters and we matter to everything or that nothing matters and we are sovereign. Our stresses come from the narcissistic delusion that we actually play a role in another's experience in life. Sure, we matter to our loved ones, but when we accept that their lessons exist for themselves alone, we withdraw from the process and allow them to grow in the love of their own empowerment.

We step aside from the lesson and allow the situation to dictate the extent of our meaningfulness. Spiritual growth always comes from within and cannot be imposed upon by another person. The awakening occurs on conscious and sub-conscious levels and expresses its infusion like a hue in liquid paint. Although we may choose the color and mix the paint, the hue constitutes itself with the paint and the end result has nothing to do with us!

The acceptance of the hue by the paint and its willingness to allow the color to become part of its nature is the awakening. We are merely the external craftsman who facilitate the process, but the amalgamation of the hue and the paint belongs to those two elements alone.

So we watch as others transform and we ponder our role in their growth. Perhaps when we remove the need to be involved in others' growth, we spiritually mature and our own growth takes place.

We are neither responsible nor at fault for the lessons of others. Everything happens at the perfect time for the perfect reason, with the perfect outcome. Puppy's ears need cleaning, paint needs mixing and life's lessons need a robust awakening. All of this has nothing to do with me!


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