Springing into Consciousness

March 18, 2007

Undeniably, spring offers us the opportunity to recognize the miracle of reawakening, of rebirth, of transformation. Whether you call it Easter, Vernal Equinox, Passover or something else, the onset of the warmer months fosters new growth and hope for the future. We plant seeds for the future, we release our old, cloudy past and move into the next season of our lives on the warm breeze of faith and promise.

Science can't create life. No matter how many test tubes, Petri dishes or cultures modern understanding manufactures, the spark that ignites the life force belongs to the Creator. New life springs from both external and internal events. It begins with turmoil. An egg becomes fertilized only after its barriers are shattered by the aggressive male counterpart. A seed incubates life within it and breaks free of the hard crusty exterior to begin to grow. Then, a jumble of quickly multiplying cells called life begins. Wrapped within the new bundle of cells we recognize as human life, lies pure potential.

The growth process in body, mind and spirit enable us to embrace the years with continuing and renewable progress. While some lessons learned early in life help to propel us through difficult times later, all lessons provide growth opportunity if embraced, examined and understood. Just as a tree learns to bend with the wind to sustain its life, we move and sway and adapt to fit into our circumstances and know our role in the world. Planted firmly in place, we stand tall and mature within the trunk of our being while outstretching our limbs of growth reach to even greater heights. Our leaves of interest and experience bud, blossom, flourish and then eventually fall away when no longer needed and we patiently await the next season of lessons to prevail yet again, in our lives.

Look at the life cycles around us. We observe it in nature, ideas, in fads, in social change. If we study history, we might notice the repetitive trends and circular movement as concepts are born, come into being and then fade away. If we watch carefully, we may predict the patterns we see in the process. Pay attention to the zenith and the nadir of philosophies of thought and the rhythm of the flow of consciousness. When our ideas or talents and abilities reach the top of the Ferris Wheel, we look down on how far we've come and both anticipate and mourn our descent. All the while, know that your ascent imminently awaits you and yet another thought or dream will soon bear fruit.

Stillness, withdrawal, regrouping. Bears hibernate, insects move into dormant states and we humans need some time to stop and contemplate our existence. Spirit never rests and the Creator continuously presents more and more lessons into your life in the quiet stillness of your soul, so when you spring forth, ready to burst into the world, your rest served you well. Life ebbs and flows, back and forth, up and down, in and out - the marvelous engine of change which includes a time of respite - brings you to even greater heights when your restful spirit emerges from sleep.

Plant and Harvest
The moon, like our hearts or intuition, guides us in planting the seeds of our lives. Spirit ignites within us a brilliant, bright moon of possibilities and if we follow our natural tendencies, our growth nourishes our success. As people, we often find it difficult to discern when our ideas are ripe for harvest and we sometimes allow our ideas to rot in the field of fear and uncertainty. We mistakenly believe that by plucking our gifts from their point or origin, we too, perish. If our seeds, faithfully planted and taken root, we marvel and watch as more growth occurs. When roses bloom and the flowers wither, we remove the brown, brittle blossom to make way for more growth and even more buds. Often, when one bud is severed from the branch, several more take its place. The same holds true for our ideas. When your gifts benefit the world and the life cycle of that idea ends, remove it and move onto more bountiful talents - and know - fully KNOW that better gifts wait to bloom!

Just as the sun inspires photosynthesis, the rainy days fortify the earthly foundations which support growth. Without darkness, clouds and sometimes wind, we cannot withstand the snow and ice. Our dreary experiences prepare us, empower us and uplift us to face the unknown and we appreciate the blue skies and sunshine of our happiness all the more.

As the fresh buds of spring blossom into your life, know your future is fragrant with new hope and bursting with a prism of possibilities. Tend well the garden of your spirit and your future can only bear the fruit of your rebirth.


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