December 17, 2007

Hypothesized as referring to God creating the universe, Abracadabra roughly means "I create as I speak." Possible linguistic sources such as Aramaic or Hebrew also indicate similar definitions ranging from "it will be according to what is spoken" and "I shall bless, I shall speak."

From Fairy Godmothers in children's stories to cartoon characters, to Harry Potter, the magic wand endures in folklore as the tonic for all problems. With a deliberate point, wave or air-dance, the wand transforms the unwanted into the desirable. Usually accompanied by a magic spell or incantation, the bearer's wand yields power, from the unseen universe into manifest form. Similarly, when we use prayers or affirmations, our desires come to light with the power of our passion through focused intentions.

Ancient beginnings
From as far back as Greek mythology, we learned of the goddess Circe who, renowned for her knowledge of drugs and herbs, used magic potions to cast spells and impose vengeance on her enemies. In Homer's Odyssey, Circe wielded her power using a magic wand to turn men into pigs. While we sometimes choose to use prescribed pharmaceuticals or other types of accessible self-medication, we find we really don't change the world around us, we merely alter our perceptions of reality into something more tolerable. The physical metamorphosis Circe wielded reminds us of hidden anger turned outward - while she could not apparently point the wand at herself for her own transfiguration, she projected the power of her discontent onto those around her.

Trying to impress
Fictional characters such as a favorite of mine, Bullwinkle J. Moose, boasted loudly of his abilities to produce the ridiculous out of nothing, and ran through an idiosyncratic routine in an attempt to astonish his pal, Rocky. After "rustling up his sleeve," donning his top hat and white gloves, Bullwinkle found his results ironic, leaving Rocky disillusioned and unimpressed. Bullwinkle, like many of us, needed to loudly profess his self-proclaimed abilities in a self-convincing manner, all the while abdicating sheer "magic" to the playful hands of fate.

In your hands
One constant in the fictional evolution of the "magic wand" remains. The wand holds power only when in the capable hand of its owner. Resting on its own merits, the wand lays idle where the owner last placed it, benign in power. While others may attempt to use the instrument (commonly scripted as stolen from the clasp of the owner), wishes often get misinterpreted by the wand, and problematic, if not tragic, results occur. When we neglect our life's work and set it aside for others to pick up, we risk not only the loss of our labor, but the sad misuse of all we built. No one can aptly or accurately express your dreams but you. And no-one, possesses the power to materialize the visions you focus on and hold dear.

Instrumental expression
The magic wand's mystique endures through fiction. The wand's panache, not limited to directing the energy around it, like a musical conductor's baton, carries with it some sort of power, the source of which comes not from itself, but from the owner. A rose, perfectly scented and visually pleasing, bears no impact if left alone and unappreciated. It's only when we interact with the rose by inhaling the sweet aroma or touching the velvety delicate petals, that we derive meaning and enjoyment from the experience. Similarly, a magic wand, offers nothing more than its physical form until given the power and interactivity from the believer. Hence, the strength rests not in the wand, but through the wand, as most of us never quite accept our own magic and defer to an external force to express our power.

Power in belief
Many modern-day psychics use "earthly" items as tools of the trade. From tarot cards, to runes, to even crystal balls, these objects in themselves hold no power, like the magic wand. A person merely manipulates these man-made instruments to his best advantage to use them as diagnostic tools. We realize that the true power exists not in the inanimate object or even the mystic, the power spills forth in our belief.

We can wave a wand, mutter an incantation or magic word or hold true our intentions, and the end results appear consistent - our outer experience reflects what our inner power calls forth. Whatever you passionately want is already done. The wand simply helps you bring your dreams to reality. Proclaim your own "Abracadabra" and watch the miracles unfold in your life at whatever you choose to create.

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