Push Button Life

October 24, 2006

As we grow older we remember our "good old daysquot; and talk about how simple life seemed as a child. Nothing came about quot;instantlyquot; except for maybe freeze-dried coffee or spaceman orange juice. Microwaves appeared in few homes and the television channels only changed if you got up off your chair, walked over to the set and turned the knob. Now, we expect life to change for us at the push of a button, at the behest of our merely thinking of a desire, in the most convenient ways. While our mistakes aren't reversed with a DELETE key and tenuous situations cannot be avoided with the ESCAPE button, what would our lives look like if we created our destiny by pushing our OWN buttons to achieve our heart's desire?

We step into elevators, perfectly confident that when we press a button for a certain floor we know we'll reach our destination. Sure, there may be a few stops along the way, but generally the car transports us accurately. The doors open, we step out into our reality and think little of the mundane task of pressing the button to our future. We take control of our lives by choosing where we want to go - all by pressing the proper button.

So many times we hear someone say, quot;he really pushes my buttons,quot; indicating a person knows how to get a certain reaction out of us. In a self-actualized manner, we grab the remote control of our own lives and change the channel of cause and effect. When we press the figurative Panic button, we search desperately for the answer to our immediate problem or circumstance. This button isn't meant to create panic, it's meant to eliminate it. It's a cry for help, a plea for solution. Used as an example of what NOT to do, the panic button is reactionary rather than creative. True power over our lives stems from choosing the button that gives us what we want in life, not merely defending against negativity.

Many of us wonder what happiness feels like. How do we know when we're truly happy? If we could purr in contentment maybe we'd acknowledge our blissful state of mind, but very few even understand the joy in the unknown. It's OK not to know. When we press a button for Joy, we begin a path which takes us through forests of experiences until we reach the clearing of mind, broad with an expanse of blue sky moments and sunlit smiles. The JOY button waits for you to push it, to want it, to live it. Most of us are afraid to push it, because then we'd actually need to accept that our lives are indeed, happy. Giving up that mire of ambiguity, joy blasts away any speculation of true happiness and leaves behind no trail of doubt. The Joy button - an entitlement for all who walk the earth.

When we push the HEART button, we open ourselves up to hurt and disappointment, right? Not exactly. The heart button, like the Joy button, is an essential component of a well-lived life. When we engage our heart into any activity or in relationships, we feel the pulse of our experience beat strongly and soundly in unison with our depth of emotion. It's only with an open heart that life courses through you and love fills the veins of who you are. We choose to engage our hearts when we are available to finally experience life without fear or doubt. The heart button - the core of our existence.

Michael McCloud, a singer/songwriter living and performing in Key West, Florida wrote a song entitled, quot;I'm Just Looking for some Peace and Quiet.quot; Regaling himself as a rather talented drinking man, Michael strikes a chord with the music and lyrics of the song that begs for peace and quiet and being left alone by life. Pushing the PEACE button, we shift from a life filled with the cacophony of interference and move into a placid respite for our psyche. When we finally brave the peace button, we invite the Universe to instill in us an understanding of the world around us and we can then find peace no matter the distractions or the noise. The Peace button lives inside of us and waits lovingly for us to engage it.

Who among us wouldn't want a LOVE button in our life? If we had the power to control love in our lives at the mere push of a button, happiness, contentment and all other good things in life would fall neatly into place. Flashing red at us, inviting and sometimes daring us to push it, the Love button never wears out and always delivers on its promise. Like the rest, the Love button rejuvenates itself when necessary and shuts itself off when no longer in use. We must continue to remind ourselves that we want and need Love in our lives, so the button, like life, beckons us from time to time that love is out there, waiting for us to engage in it. When you push the Love button, you never know what or whom to expect, but it's perfection reveals itself the moment you release it.

Who are we, really? Can we press the Soul button to find out? We understand the mechanics of physical medicine, and to some degree we grasp spirituality and our role on the planet. Yet the invisible, unexplainable soul that lives forever inside of us and personalities remains elusive and encased in our bodies. If I press the Soul button will my consciousness get lost in the mystery of my essence? More of a revelation than a creation, the Soul button offers a glimpse of who you are and were on your walks on this glorious planet.

As we hold the remote that controls our lives in our hands, we select from many different experiences and outcomes. We opt to express or receive love as well as ask for help. We learn that love always exists, but we need to request it. We get a glimpse of our ethereal selves more as an observer than a protagonist in our own lives. All of these buttons require an underlying energy which serves as the power source to propel our lives forward. With this willingness we move into more and more choices for our lives. As we push our own buttons we discover that change brings about that which we truly desire - that which we deliberately summon. And like the elevator, we are lifted up to a higher level of consciousness and we walk securely into our future.

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