Self of Steam

May 17, 2009

A steam engine is a device that converts the potential energy that exists as pressure in steam, and converts that to mechanical force.

While watching the scrolling banner at the bottom of a major network newscast, I saw an intriguing misspelling. The brief synopsis discussed hurt feelings and damage to one's "self of steam." So often we laugh at mistakes such as this, when the real lesson lies in looking deeper into the content. Self-of-steam is closely related to self-esteem when considering that which propels us forward in life emanates from within and we provide both the mechanism and the energy to pursue our greatness as well as our foundation.

Hydration of Spirit
To create steam, a water source is required. In our lives, our spirit acts as a body of water – refreshing and replenishing us. Our spirit, like water, requires constant attention and makes up most of who we are. Without a sense of spirit, the life force within us suffers, much as our human body wanes without sufficient hydration. Since the earth is comprised of mostly water, the physical source remains abundant. Our invisible universe also consists of plentiful consciousness, or spirit. Remembering to connect with the spirit within – and the endless supply of good that nourishes us merely by acknowledging through gratitude and growth - we fill our tank of possibilities with the fuel of spirit.

The furnace
To make steam, water must be heated high enough to transform from its liquid state to gaseous state. Similarly, to make "self-of-steam" we must heat our spirit with the passion of living. Stoking the furnace of our desires and goals, we keep a constant flow of our spiritual fuel in the pipeline for our greater good. When we energize our spirit enough to propel actions and hence, dreams, we move forward in momentum toward our goals.

The movement
While moving forward stands as the optimal direction of spiritual movement, as we mature spiritually, we learn the power of choice offers insight and growth as well. The mechanical force of steam powers a steam engine to move – it doesn't dictate direction – it simply provides the energy for the conductor to move. Our spiritual steam also gives us the life force we require to move from a standstill toward our highest and best potential, but in and of itself, does not guarantee forward momentum. As individuals, using clearly defined passion and an understanding of self and relation to the Creator and the world around us, we use our free will to determine the speed and direction of our movement towards what we truly desire.

Self-of-steam, much like self-esteem derives its power from that inner connection we cherish when we believe and know our true worth and role in life. Just as no one can bestow upon you a sense of self, neither can anyone outside of you offer you a bundle of spiritual energy or synergy with which to impel you toward your highest potential. It also stands to reason that no one can arbitrarily remove or reduce your sense of worth either! You get to decide what you want in life. Loving the self and your aspirations provides you with an untouchable and unquenchable source of energy for positive movement. Decide on the source for you steam, how much energy you require and the direction you want to go. It’s all there inside of you – cooking up a wonderful life!

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