Little Red Schoolhouse

August 22, 2009

In the romanticism of this nation's early years, the one-room schoolhouse represents ingenuity at its finest. Depicted in the movies as the epicenter of the small, rural communities, this learning environment united the spirits of cooperation, patience, initiative and flexibility. When we step back and look at life in general as a one-room schoolhouse, we see that living and learning together brings out the challenges as well as the possibilities of growing through relationships from the smallest neighborhood to the largest campus in our earthly Academy.

Ringing the bell
The archetypical red schoolhouse of the history books, sports a short and stout bell tower on the roof, clanging for assembly of all students. Life rings out to us in many nuances and for many opportunities, inviting us to heed the call to grow and learn. So many times we hear the clanging of life’s lessons, yet we choose to arrive to the experience late or not at all. Neglecting these very strong signals of chances for growth, we mire ourselves in the muck of mediocrity and the sludge of status quo. When raise our hand to the questions life poses, both subtly and overtly, we choose to accept the challenge to move beyond our current station in life and engage in the gentle teachings life puts forth. Once our own lessons are received and learned, we move forward by promoting common interests and goals, and gather together to solve problems, brainstorm ideas and create a sense of common humanity in which we all share similar aspirations in graduating to the next level of consciousness.

Concurrent learning
As the one room schoolhouse formulated a space for multiple levels of learning by multiple age groups of students, life also challenges us to grow at our own pace amidst the diversity of kindred sojourners. We bask in cooperation of helping those in lesser levels of awareness, while the wiser among us lend a hand, as well. Our focus and attention endure challenges as we continue to interact with others in our lives on the same path, yet at different crossroads. In addition, learning how to learn complements the many facets of brilliance we reflect onto our experiences. When we juggle and coordinate our lessons to compact as much growth as possible into our lesson-absorbing spirits, we honor our companions in their life education, too. If the earth if one big schoolhouse for ethereal education, our blessings and opportunities beam infinitely on the light of our willingness to learn.

Remembering to take time to relax, plays an important role in the learning and comprehension process. Each day we allot time for work, play and rest, and our worldly one-room schoolhouse reflects these very human necessities rather handsomely. The daily tasks of learning, and stretching our limits of knowledge and rattling our constraints of comprehension, enjoy a breath of fresh air during the recesses of our studies. Some of us withdraw to spend quiet time alone, and others engage in playful interaction with other life-students, yet all of us, as individuals, gain a new perspective when the stimulated mind enjoys a respite from the rigors of the 3 Rs – reflection, reformation and renewal!

Wipe the slate clean
Just exactly how does one learn in a one-room schoolhouse filled with distraction, repetition and little personal attention? On the earth plane, our spiritual school deftly coordinates rituals, relationships and experiences, too. We rarely notice the interaction as our learning takes place on the subconscious as well as awakened state of awareness. Seamlessly, we weave the multiple threads of life’s intricacies into one big lesson and assemble the pieces into what some describe as a meaningful life. With so much going on at once and so much to learn, we need to filter out what lessons brought us value and which we prepare to release. The Universe continues to present us with variations on a theme of the lesson we need to learn, until we of course, learn it and move forward. Sometimes, we even notice "our" lesson repeated in someone else’s life, as a gentle reminder and coaxing from Spirit to ensure the solidity of our understanding.

When the chalkboard of our life is wiped clean of lessons learned and memories best forgotten, we make room for more advanced insights and breakthroughs. Forgiving and letting go of that which no longer serves us, erases our spiritual slates, too. At the end of the day, when receptive minds, hearts and souls, walk away from the bevy of activity of programs and experiences dedicated to our highest and best learning, we enjoy an appreciation for our new information and the ability to integrate the many components of life to form relationships with ourselves, others and our Creator.

When life rings the bell harkening you to learn, notice those around you with whom you share your interaction. Working as an individual as well as together, expands the impact of life’s lessons. Taking a break from the static of conscious learning, we gain perspective to rise above the current lesson and recognize the greater picture only a state of separation can offer. Wiping the slate clean of all completed tasks and forgiven elements in life, we move forward, to the next level of our spiritual existence and give thanks for the divine opportunity for wisdom.

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