Spiritual Capitalism

February 15, 2010

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market Miriam Webster dictionary

America, founded on the principles of freedom and the open exchange of ideas, created one of the world’s foremost economic systems of capitalism. The federal government, limited in its power over individuals, provides for interstate commerce and a common currency, and holds no authority over private individuals or corporations. In our quest for individual expression, we recognize the higher power of our Creator as the source of our spiritual system as we interact with one another through time. The balance sheet of your life, revealed on transition, explores your success as a spiritual being in the capitalism of existence.

Individualism, or a person’s right to live for his or her own sake, expresses itself in the material and spiritual world. Protected by the First Amendment, citizens maintain the right to freedom of expression and of religion. While churches and temples and synagogues provide an outlet for beliefs and practices, true connection with the Infinite originates within the individual spirit.

In one of his birthday letters to me, my father wisely stated, “Your memories are the only thing you ever truly own.” From sentimental reminiscences to reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, he poignantly reminded me strength and sovereignty of the human mind prevails over all the material goods we believe we possess. Everything in our life is temporary – from relationships to furniture, to conditions – except our cognitive awareness. We take all the synapses and brain functionality and knowledge with us, and hopefully we leave the vestiges of our eternal spirit behind with those we love.

Throughout life we're presented with the balance sheet of opportunities. We invest our money, our time, our talent and our love in entities which we believe provide us with a bountiful return on our efforts. Selecting from either a wide range of possibilities or limited scope of options, a decision to create a stake in something or someone makes a statement of our belief system as well as our hope for the future.

In our spiritual investment, we sometimes spend a lifetime exploring the options of various religious or spiritual paths. We either espouse the tenets of our familiar beliefs, or research and explore other avenues to our peace of mind. When we decide on the instrument to best invest in for our future, we take a chance – as free thinkers – that we made the right decision. In further exercising our options, we see we also reserve the right to change our mind at any time and focus our attention elsewhere. Investment into our spiritual bank occurs whether or not our conscious mind agrees. Simply put, choosing not to choose is still a choice. And if your piggy bank, at the end of your time on earth echoes from emptiness, you realize your core beliefs were not in your best interest.

Private Decision
Our thoughts remain our own, especially our views on spirituality. The decision to believe, not believe or abstain from considering a higher power remains completely ours. Although we may choose to evangelize or hide our feelings, at some point we made a decision in the quiet room of the mind, to instill our faith in the philosophy that appealed to us the most.

Almost like a well kept secret, the capitalism of private decisions stands for us when the collective points to a new fad or twist on ancient teachings. We reap the benefits of well conditioned thoughts when we hold it up in comparison to other networks or organizations which may fall short in our estimation.

Socrates searched tirelessly for the meaning of justice, piety, virtue and such, yet his greatest quest began with pondering the meaning of a "good life." An incessant distributor of his curiosity, the master interlocutor inquired of others, undaunted by their fatigue and dismissive responses to his peculiar conversation, leaving him standing alone in his philosophical pursuits.

We share our spirituality not necessarily in preaching or teaching, but by leading by example. When who we are speaks equally as loudly as what we believe, our spiritual capitalism reaches the marketplace of friends, family and our community. The merger of our spirituality into everyday experiences acquires a greater path to fulfillment of our soul and quality of life.

Free market
The free exchange of ideas afforded us in the Information Age, provides unlimited opportunities for spiritual capitalism. More than ever before, the discovering and sharing of ideas, beliefs and practices enhances our lives while we consider others’ truths. The nature of the free market, comparison, evaluation and choice, offers spirituality energetic opportunity in the balance of higher powers. While not in competition with its peers, personal belief systems enjoy a connection between ethics, personal examination and profound options.

With nothing to buy or sell, Spiritual Capitalism exists for its own sake and takes a stand for sovereignty. In considering the elements of holistic economics, we learn that we own our thoughts and opinions no matter the external circumstances or conditions. Investing in further exploration of our beliefs with an open mind to expand and increase self-knowledge and understanding enriches not only our own lives but those in our circles and communities as well. The small private decisions we make with respect to our closely held beliefs remain undeterred insofar as we do not implore others to concur or impose our views on unwilling individuals. We choose to distribute our information, questions and beliefs to a finite or infinite number of associates, knowing full well they may not be heard or well received, yet as spiritual beings we attempt to share our views nonetheless. When we realize the vast freedom of the energy field on the planet provides us the opportunity to grow and improve we peek a glimpse of Socrates' "good life."

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